About Me

Hello, my name is Jadwiga (Jade). I would like to share with you when my interest for massage therapy began. In my birth country (Poland) I sew clothes for about 15 years. My body was always in a bad posture, with my neck down for long periods of time. After a few years I had a hump on my back and my neck was in so much pain it lead to very extreme headaches.

My very good friend turned me to a massage therapist. I was very impressed with his work. Due to my massage visits and his natural way of healing, my neck pain was cured and the headaches were gone. Not only did he heal my neck but also taught me about how to live a healthy lifestyle. This brought my attention more to massage therapy and decided to pursue with massage therapy courses.

In 1997 upon finishing school I worked with clients in their home. After working for a year my family and I decided to move to the U.S.A. Soon our new home was in Chicago. Since my diploma from Poland was not accepted in the U.S.A I once again went back to school. I completed another 600 hours at European Healing Massage Therapy School. Upon completing school, immediately I was employed by a chiropractor where I have worked and practiced massage ever since.

It was always my dream to open my own business, and that’s exactly what I did. Healing and teaching how to live a healthy life is my goal. My hands will take you away from everyday stress and fatigue. Whether you need to recover from an injury or relax your mind. I invite you to refresh and renew your body and soul.

My Diplomas

* General Massage (U.S.A and Poland)
* Shiatsu
* Chair massage
* Reiki 1 & 2